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More than 20 enterprises in Wenzhou Currency Counter joint appeal to win patent lawsuit

Author: Date:2012-10-8 12:42:30
According to the Wenzhou Daily reported after two years of complaints, Banknotes counter Wenzhou more than 20 production enterprises are finally emerging from a "patent infringement" of confusion. Recently, Wenzhou City financial equipment industry associations received the State Intellectual Property Office, the patent reexamination board sent the franchise, "declared invalid request review of the decision, "declared a lawsuit Wenzhou enterprises infringing the patent for the patent invalid.
In February 2002, Shenyang entrepreneurs sued a new large electronics Longgang Limited, The company said its patent infringement "new-old magnetic pseudo-yuan banknote circulating machines." This patent is issued after the fifth sets yuan for the July 2001 authorization. At that time, Wenzhou Currency Counter production companies have been busy producing a new version of the renminbi's Stephen counterfeit banknote circulating machines, and seize the market opportunity. "New" Instead of playing six months after the lawsuit had spent 100,000 yuan to the money, ended without results.

In January 2003, the Aojiang River Yilaitaike financial tools factory Pingyang real-Machines Corporation Currency Counter many manufacturers have received the telephone business, said they wanted to sue patent infringement and as a result, These enterprises are "forced" to pay 10,000 yuan to 30,000 yuan, ranging from "royalty."

Wenzhou financial equipment manufacturers to 100 homes, with more than 100 patents, with an annual output of nearly 300,000 Currency Counter Desk, The domestic market accounted for more than 60%. Frequently ridden lawsuit Wenzhou will undoubtedly affect the entire financial equipment industry development.