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FD-UV1000 Vacuum Money Counter

FD-UV1000 Vacuum Money Counter
Product name:FD-UV1000 Vacuum Money Counter
FD-UV1000 Banknote Counting Machine With UV Detection
Functions of the Product
Function of Rechecking and Counting—Recheck and count banknotes of 100 sheets. The automatic alarm would ring if the number of banknote is not 100.
◆ Function of Free Counting—Count banknotes of any sheets. In the mode of this function, any sheets of banknotes can be counted automatically. When counting is finished, the banknote clip board would open automatically.
◆ Function of Figure Presetting—Count any figures of banknotes according to the presetting. Figure presetting ranges from 1 to 200. When the banknotes reach the preset figure, the machine would cease to count and separate the preset banknotes with the rest.
◆ Function of Accumulation—Accumulate all banknotes counted at different times. The maximum figure is 9999.All counting results can be accumulated under the previous two functions, and displayed clearly on the four-digit LED digital screen.
◆ Function of Detection—Automatically detects the functional mode of main components in operating status. It is mainly used for the product detection in the periodic maintenance period.
Function of Detecting counterfeit banknotes through UV—this function is applicable to the banknotes with fluorescence. The users can use or do not this mode according to their special needs. When counterfeit notes are detected, the machine will stop counting automatically and separate the counterfeit notes from others. The machine will give out a sound of warning.
◆ Function of Automatically opening and closing the baffle: When counting banknotes, the baffle will not be opened until it finishes counting. The users can turn on or turn off this function based on their own needs.
◆ Speed: 100 sheets/4 Seconds
◆ Maximum Capacity: 210 sheets
◆ Operational Noise: less than 50db
◆ Power Supply: 220V AC 50Hz
◆ Display: 7-digit LED Display
◆ Applicable Banknote size: RMB and foreign currencies
◆ External Size(mm): 355(L)×280(W)×910 (H)
◆ Weight : 43 kg