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Money Detector V-600

Money Detector V-600
Product name:Money Detector V-600
According to the U.S. dollar, euro, pound, ruble, the new version of the RMB, notes, documents, etc. a unique infrared security features to identify and design, can accurately identify the currency, documents, paper above the visible or invisible infrared ink, watermark, invisible patterns and other safety featuresclear; video effects observed at a glance, compact, easy to carry, built-in battery can be prolonged relay work; suitable for the public, shopping malls, banks, customs fast security identification verification, with the anti-counterfeit identification guide currency popularity of anti-counterfeit knowledge.

Skill parameters:

Function: pictures, video, camera (infrared), sound recording, FM radio, e-books, games

Specifications Dimensions: 90 X 50 X 13mm;

Weight: 0.08kg (net weight);

Battery: 3.7V lithium polymer,> 800mA / h;

Operating modes: battery plus USB charging or the 220AC turn 5V DC or with a cigarette lighter socket to turn 5V DC work;

Sensor: IR + CMOS sensor optional increase LED;

Lens: low distortion infrared lens;

Display: High-definition 2.8-inch TFT touch screen;

The observation standard: material from the height of 15CM window range is approximately 15CM * 11CM
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