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Money Detector XD-118

Money Detector XD-118
Product name:Money Detector XD-118
Product Features:
1, reasonable structure, easy to use.
2, Kam pseudo-functions: watermark, fluorescent, shortwave, zoom
3, three times and ten times zoom, can be clearly observed on the face, such as miniature text, color network characteristics like pattern.
4, short-wave detection bills, invoices, checks, security labels invisible mark.
5, the test object is displayed in the short-wave reflection in different colors, according to the anti-counterfeiting material substance, usually display: red, orange, or other colors.
6, an ultraviolet detection of the fluorescent marker, fluorescent fibers, such as silk characteristics.
7 violet, identity cards on the observation stage, respectively, using the magnifying glass of red, yellow filter area observed a complete seal of the Public Security Bureau, and its border seal text bright, orange-red, yellow, and clearly identify the entire seal.
8, Scope: ID cards, banknotes, invoices, checks, bills, jade and other ticket item identification.
9 using of high illuminance long life violet lamp, ultraviolet lamps and fluorescent detection.
10 · large studio space, applicable to a variety of currencies, encryption securities, notes detected.
11 · electronic driving circuit, low failure rate.
12 beautiful appearance, convenient operation.
· 13 injury-free design, detection means comprehensive, using different testing requirements, new and old bank passbook bills compatible.
1: by shortwave key: the the main observation notes behind a two-dimensional code faint green fluorescence reaction.
2: Press the watermark key: OUTCOME notes certificate watermark pattern to the full version of the flowers, and the Chinese Phonetic Alphabet "HP", a clear pattern.
3: longwave key: the main the positive observation notes fluorescent pattern, a clear pattern, high brightness.
4: Magnifier: the main observation notes shading title clarity and completeness, the amount of capital handwriting, seal and signature.
RMB identification: the long-wave, a watermark, a magnifying glass, size Kam experience the old and new RMB.

Dimensions: 220 × 190 × 180mm
Single GW: 1.7kg
Packing: 12 units
Carton size: 600 × 490 × 410
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