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Money Detector XD-2009

Money Detector XD-2009
Product name:Money Detector XD-2009
The use of advanced detection technology. Optical, magnetic synchronous analysis measurements to ensure the detection accuracy, reliability, fidelity. Yanchao accurate. Easy to operate. (Appearance of black and white 2-color)
RMB miniature discriminating device (Mini high precision Counterfeit Detector)
1 fluorescence: use as long as you hold down the switch and UV aligned to identify notes, if the real note, you can clearly see the bright reflection fluorescence map or currency
2, magnetic seizure: hold down the "magnetic seizure switch, the head alignment banknotes on the site of the magnetic ink, or so gently rub, if magnetic, issued the magnetic seizure normal" voice prompts.
Replace the battery: Replace the batteries immediately when the instrument voice tone smaller or dark purple subjective and objective; First, unscrew the screws on the battery cover, remove the old batteries and insert new batteries (4 AG13 No. button batteries "> send a purchase when), and finally close the battery cover and tighten the screws. First remove the battery insulation sheet before using the middle (behind the battery cover cracks).
1 for the normal operation of the instrument for verifying the amount of testing the use of magnetic, away from magnetic fields in the vicinity of and do not make or receive phone.
2, the instrument for verifying only as coin-contracting pseudo an auxiliary equipment, not decisive. Coins sentenced the pseudo ultimate adjudication.

Packing: 250 / box
packing size: 51 × 30 × 22.5cm
Carton Weight: 11kgs/CTN
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