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Money Detector XD-228

Money Detector XD-228
Product name:Money Detector XD-228
  extensive use
  small and convenient
  easy operation
  precise identification (or accurate identification)
  presenting gift
  fashion and novelty
  apply for any kind of currency

notes instrument for verifying the international leader in optical imaging technology to provide users with a variety of seizure of counterfeit identification bills without an external light source can be observed through the eyes, banknotes image quality with high-definition, wide field of view and distortioncharacteristics, RMB, foreign currency, checks, money orders, stamp collecting, antiques, jewelry, jewelry authenticating widely used in the financial industry, the printing industry, rare antique collectors identification tools!

five identification function:

bump texture Identification: for observation notes, bills or handwriting handwriting of bump texture.

The the microfilm zoom identification: used to zoom observed the details of the bill or bills. Such as microfilm printed text, graphics, and other.

(3) the fluorescence pattern identification: for observation notes or bills fluorescence pattern and color and colorless fluorescent fibers, etc..

laser pattern identification: laser pattern for observation notes or bills at whether the laser spot.

the watermark identification: for observation notes or marked, according to the black-and-white watermark.

technical parameters:

Magnification 10X

Use the power GP23AE 12V

Product size 70X50X50mm