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Money Detector YB-118

Money Detector YB-118
Product name:Money Detector YB-118
[Product Description]
YB-118 notes instrument for verifying the identification of long and short wave UV, magnetic, magnifying glass, watermark function, not only can identify RMB, U.S. dollar, euro and other world currencies, but also to identify a variety of bank drafts, commercial promissory notes, bank acceptance bills, banker's cashier order , check credentials

; The cash Zhuanzhangzhipiao book.
Features: 1, reasonable structure, easy to use.
2, Kam pseudo features: watermarks, fluorescent, magnetic, shortwave, zoom
3, three times, and twelve times zoom, can be clearly observed on the face, such as miniature text, color network like patterns and other characteristics.
4, short-wave detection bills, invoices, checks, security labels invisible mark.
5, the test object is displayed in the short-wave reflection in different colors, according to the anti-counterfeiting material substance, usually display: red, orange, or other colors.
6, an ultraviolet detection of the fluorescent marker, fluorescent fibers, such as silk characteristics.
7 violet, identity cards on the observation stage, respectively, using the magnifying glass of red, yellow filter area observed ** seal of integrity, its border seal text bright, orange-red, yellow, can clearly distinguish the entire seal.
8, Scope: ID cards, banknotes, invoices, checks, bills, jade and other ticket item identification.
1 station from the sale of a single packaging size: 333 × 222 × 186mm
Single GW: 1.7kg
Packing: 12 units
Carton size: 600 × 490 × 410.
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