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Multi Counterfeit Money Detector CD-300

Multi Counterfeit Money Detector CD-300
Product name:Multi Counterfeit Money Detector CD-300

CD-300 discriminator for different foreign bills adopts the newest technology and has the advanced multi-loops digital sensor, so it can distinguish six kinds of bills automatically and all the existing forged notes. Synchronously it can defend the new forged notes when the Verifier is designed, and its performance has attained international advanced level.

Exactitude and veracity

CD-300 discriminator for different foreign bills adopts multi-loops digital sensor and applies many techniques for distinguishing different bills. The check includes colorful optics design analysis, magnet design, ultraviolet spectrum analysis, infrared spectrum analysis, safety-line analysis, etc. The check result is very veracious and the distinguishing ratio is very high. In a word, it has the optimal anti-forging effect.

Good Applicability

CD-300 discriminator for different foreign bills adopts many advanced techniques compared with the similar apparatuses, so the adaptability for bills is wider. And synchronously the use isn’t limited by the bills’ size, degree and publication. The default bills can be checked include Dollar, Euro, yen, pound, Canada dollar and Hong Kong dollar.

Simple operation

Every bill goes to CD-300 discriminator automatically, so it can check more than 100 pieces of bills every minute. The authentic bill will pass automatically and show the par value, while suspect note will be exited, showing the corresponding information. Finishing every operation, the par value and pieces and sum and other information can be shown.

Design being intellectualized

CD-300 discriminator adopts exact sensor and high speed CPU, so it can analyze and compare the data that is collected in a very short time. The special circuit protection system of this apparatus can inspect the change of voltage and temperature momentarily in order to adjust the system in the optimal state. This apparatus does not need to be adjusted manually even for a long time.

Convenient Upgrading

There are several methods to update for CD-300 discriminator with the publication of the newest bills and the more forged notes. So different update software package can be downloaded in different areas in web or be downloaded through a special card by local maintaining persons.


adaptive bill: US dollar, Euro、yen、pound、Canadian dollar and Hong Kong dollar(USD、EUR、JPY、HKD、GBP、CAD)

Enter mode: Left side entrance, the only entry direction

Velocity: 100 pieces/min

Display: 3bit LCD; total pieces; 5bit LCD; total sum

Power supply:AC100V~240V.50~60Hz  AC/DC12V

Rated power: 10W

Exterior size:138L×128W×72Hmm


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