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Paper Driling Machine XD-20

Paper Driling Machine XD-20
Product name:Paper Driling Machine XD-20

XD-20 Automatic Binding Machines are widely used in the binding of financial institutions, offices, schools, enterprises and other units of the notes, account pages, archives, journals, documents, data, drawings, papers, books and other paper work.
2, the performance characteristics of
1 unconditional fastening Binding: the unique drilling clinching system, a binding of any special folding irregular in both knuckle, bevel, INTERLAYERS can easily stapled.
The bit wear an automatic detection system: The system can automatically detect when the drill bit blunt without human judgment, and automatic drill Return, and prompts the operator to grind drill bit.
machine adopts CPU control, the entire perforated pipe cutting a key action is accurate, stable operation.
(4) security systems extreme perfect: in any case, you only need to press the "stop" button, the full opportunity to emergency stop, no inertia.
of BTA and quiet design, completely solve the health hazards of the scraps of paper, dust, and noise in the traditional the stapled way process.
warm-up time is short: boot Binding lights can be riveting binding.
quality nylon casing stapling, binding, easy and convenient and bookbinding material is more durable and will never produce a single page off, binding file can guarantee the durability of more than 20 years, if necessary, also removable.
scientific pressure, speed design, eliminating drill clogged and broken.
rigorous scientific design, precision machining, strict quality control in the production process so that the performance of the machine is more stable and durable.

The main technical parameters:
1, binding materials paper products
2, binding thickness of 50 mm or less arbitrary thickness
3, punch 7 mm in diameter
4, riveting tube diameter of 6 mm
5, Pitch 25 mm edge size adjustable
6, using the power AC220V/50HZ
7 Power consumption ≤ 300W
8, the machine net weight 35kg

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