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Paper Driling Machine XD-30

Paper Driling Machine XD-30
Product name:Paper Driling Machine XD-30
XD-30 infrared laser positioning intelligent automatic financial binding machine is widely used in the notes of the financial institutions, offices, schools, enterprises and other units, the account page, archives, journals, documents, data, drawings, papers, books and other paper binding .

(B) Performance characteristics:
1, an increase of LCD Chinese display interface with operation menu prompts, prompt troubleshooting method failure occurs, a simple human-computer interaction.
Unique laser positioning function using the original imported infrared laser locator, the performance is more stable, punching, binding instructions more intuitive and clear.
3, using the latest temperature control technology, a more constant temperature control, binding more firmly.
4, each perforated rubber pad automatically rotate; further ensure the stability of the machine work. Intelligent pad rotation and replacement tips.
Linkage mechanism control, avoid wire institutions brought failure
6, the blunt instrument detection saver
7, the guide thimble protection agencies to prevent thimble bending
8, the appearance of human design; beautiful, stylish and practical.
9, with the perforated protective cover to enhance the security punch.
10, one-button automatic binding: Drilling, duct, pipe cutting, tubing, positioning, pressure riveting process is fully automated.
11, the drilling and binding of two operating modes selectable: Practical Drilling / binding can, in one machine
12, rapid binding to one just 23 seconds
13, ease of use, simply click the start button, the entire binding process will be done automatically.
14, firmly hose of high temperature hot like rivets paper firmly pegged off the page, not more than 10 years.
15, free from paper size limit
16, excellent small to screws are Seiko. Low failure rate is above the top of the world follow and counterfeiters.

Technical parameters:
Binding material: paper products
Binding thickness: 50 mm (about 500 70g paper) any of the following thickness
Punch diameter: 7 mm
Pore ​​diameter of the rivet tube: 6 mm
Binding method: high temperature hot riveting
Power supply: 220V/50HZ
Power consumption: 700W (staple mode), 100W (hole pattern)
Machine size: 447mm * 440mm * 662mm
Machine Weight: 48Kg
Carton size: 565 * 380 * 730mm
Gross Weight: 48kg
Warm-up time 3-5 minutes
Work table size: 440 × 200mm
Binding time: 23 seconds / this
Margins range :0-23mm